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Your voice and perspectives are important and valued in shaping
the future of the Greater Holland-Zeeland community.

A community strategic planning meeting called Future Search was planned for May 27th-29th, 2020. Due to COVID-19, the Planning Committee has reassessed the timing of our community Future Search 2020 meeting and decided to delay it until such time that invited participants and their organizations are past the crisis stage and comfortably returning to the new normal. Only then will we be able to focus our minds on long-term strategic perspectives required to make decisions about the decade ahead.

The outcome of Future Search 2020 will help inform the work being done by the Holland-Zeeland Model Communities Leadership Council, which consists of 28 community representatives from government, business and nonprofit organizations, who gather objective information to determine how we as a community need to adapt to the changing world to thrive for the mutual benefit of all citizens and community stakeholders. 

We've designed this website to encourage interactive communication and shared learning among our community’s diverse residents and organizations. We believe it is vital for growth that we learn from summaries with valuable background information from our local citizens, businesses, governments and nonprofit organizations. We also encourage you to take our Community Survey to share your voice and help us determine community issues that we can help to address in order to better our community.

Thank you for caring about our community and helping to make it better!


Your Voice Is Valued

We encourage community members, businesses, governments and nonprofit organizations to provide objective information and share personal perspectives for how our world is changing and impacting our community. There are a few different ways to get involved with these community efforts:

Stay Informed

To provide informed feedback, it's important that we have background knowledge on the efforts happening around important issues in our community. Check the Community Resources Page for more information.

Take Our Survey

Share your individual voice and encourage others to share their voices. The survey is available in both English and Spanish. The more voices that become involved, the better our community can collaborate. 

Get Involved

Get in touch with the Holland-Zeeland Model Communities Leadership Council for more opportunities to include valued community input and collaboration. You can also subscribe using the link below.


What is a 
Future Search?

Future Search is a unique planning session designed to convene respected voices from key sectors in order to create a clear community vision and action plan that will enable us to take greater control over our future. The Future Search 2020 event will be held over a 2.5 day period in May.


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